What’s right got to do with it?

What’s right got to do with it?

So here I was trying to redeem myself from yet another violation of code, “Happy or Right”, regarding married life. I was trying to make up for being right over something I thought she was wrong about.

Can you imagine, I was way too right over her being too wrong so I decided to call a truce in words and actions…….. the gesture was a treat to Jeni’s ice cream. The issue is I over analyze, things have to be very logical and in order.

So I asked my wife “will you like to go and get some ice cream?”

Now my wife is a dessert addict. To make sure it went perfectly, I decided to hand her the card and told her to go into Jeni’s and order as many scoops with as many flavors. I also told her that I wouldn’t be there to judge her, but before I could even sweeten the offer she said “No! I want you to go in there and buy it for me.”

I responded, “Sweetie, you know how picky you are. You may complain about the ice cream being cold. Seriously I want this to be perfect for you,” but she insisted I go in to purchase the ice cream. “Besides, as long as you don’t order anything with chocolate in it, you will be fine”, she says.

So I went in feeling confident, talking to the attendant, smiling etc. “Let me get a waffle cone and two scoops of the coffee blah blah and coconut blah blah”. I Paid for it. Walked out of Jeni’s. Headed to my car with a smile. I said “Wife, I’m about to blow your mind”.

“What did you get me?” she replied.

I said, “coffee blah blah and coconut blah blah”.


“Wife, coffee is not chocolate neither is coconut. See, this is why I asked you to go in yourself.”

“You know what husband? You have the ice cream, I’m not interested.”

After three minutes of begging and melting icecream, I succumbed to eating it.


“Are you kidding me, Wife? You told me to?”

“I didn’t mean it.”

“Are you pregnant?”

“No. Why? Are you saying I’m fat?”

“No, I am not. You’re just acting funny.”

“So you think I’m fat?”

“No, wife, I don’t.”

“Husband, you called me fat!”

“Wife, do you want strawberry pancakes?”


It was at this moment I decided to be happy over being right.

Daddy Musing sent in by @smdjackson
Image taken from google.

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