Tips for better sleep.

Tips for better sleep.

1. Save your bed for sleep only.
Your bed should be for sleep only, not homework, not eating, not your work desk or other priorities.  Make it appealing! Invest in a cute comforter, cute pillows, bed linens etc. Take time to make it look like a relaxing and comforting place to wind down and sleep.

2. Aromatherapy
Use Lavender body wash at night in the shower/take a relaxing bath towards bed time to wind down. Use body products that have lavender in it. You can use lavender oils in your diffusers at night. This helps create a calm atmosphere for the body to wind down.
I recommend misting the sheets and pillows with hand-made sprays of essential oils(e.g Lavender oil mixed with distilled water) as it has calming qualities, and use citrus scents in the morning to invigorate the senses for the day ahead.
Light a candle to create the perfect ambience and scent, to set the mood and tone.

3. Cotton/Silk pillow cases and bedsheets.
You’d do well to pay as much attention to your sheets as your shirts. Bed linens are the finishing touch to the bed, and are as much about comfort as luxury. Use cotton sheets with at least a 400 thread count; the higher the thread count, the longer the sheets will last, and the better they’ll feel against the skin, as they’ll soften with wear and washes.

3.Mattress toppers are also a sensible option to ensure a good night’s sleep.
What’s that you ask? Oh, it’s that thick pad that lies between your mattress and fitted sheet. It takes your bed from hard or stiff to soft and plush. This is generally what makes a hotel bed so lush. Toppers can be made of foam, fiber or feathers. It depends on your preference.

5.Looking at pictures of people sleeping.
This sounds weird but  research has proven that looking at pictures of people sleeping/babies or cute animals sleeping can help you feel more tired and fall asleep more easily.

Exercising properly throughout the day helps improve your sleeping time at night. It helps the body feel more tired by bed time.

7. Listen to peaceful piano/acoustic music or any relaxing music.
There are lot of sleep music online and this basically gives the brain a satisfying feeling.

8.Lack of Vitamin D.
Lack Vitamin D can cause a deficiency of melantonin in some people. Melantonin is the chemical in the brain that helps to induce sleep.

Too much clutter in your room can create a feeling of confusion. This doesn’t help you sleep well.
Keep your room free of unnecessary items. Store them away in a cupboard or take them out of the room completely. Your choice.

Prayer answers everything. Maybe your mind is racing with thoughts of the day or the worries of tomorrow? Pray about it and hand it over to God.

11.Room temperature.
Check to make sure your room is at the right temperature for you. I love cold rooms and find that as long as my fave is cold, but my entire body is nice and toasty, this works for me. This is where your duvet/ comforter/ blanket/ cover cloth plays a huge role.

Try these tips and let’s see how your sleep experience changes.
Be sure to let us know…….We’re looking forward to it.

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