The Power of Revamping.

The Power of Revamping.

My husband bought this bag for me 7 Year’s ago as a “push present”. At the time, I was going through this weird phase of buying ‘different’ things. A bag only sold in certain countries, only 5 were made. Etc. I obviously never thought of what the future Would hold, in terms of the economy and the implication on my personal finances.
The bag went through 3years of makeup stains, food stains, toddlers’ crayons/ pen marks, scratches and even worse, blue jeans.
It used to be one of my favourite pieces back then, all of a sudden i noticed it started looking worse for the wear.
I thought of ways of Cleaning the bag. I didn’t want to let it go, as it had sentimental value. It always reminded me of my baby last. I thought long and hard, and I came up with nothing  I ended up leaving the bag for another 3 Years.

In 2015, A few bags later, I kept feeling bad about this gift I had wasted money on and got an earful from Le Hubs. Suddenly, I was determined to prove myself economical. I asked him to stop buying me new bags and I challenged myself to make better choices. I packed 6 old handbags and scouted around for a reliable cobbler, one who I believed would be able to handle such a gargantuan feat. I found one and dropped them all off. I was so happy when my bags came back as good as new after paying just between N5,000 to N10,000 per bag! So far I’ve done this to 3 more bags and I’ve never regretted doing so.

Now what’s super awesome, is Le Hubs’ astonishment everytime I Carry a ‘new bag’.

The message here is that, one should never feel pressured into buying new things because others are doing so. Do yourself a Favour….Go through your closet and fish out those old items that you reckon have no life left in them and find new ways of revamping them….. I bet you there’s still hope left. As the old saying goes, Cut your coat according to your size.

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