Rustic Christmas Tablescape

Rustic Christmas Tablescape

A tablescape, by definition is a form of design which combines different elements, like flatware, stemware, food and drink, decor items and serveware that come together to tell a story or fit around a theme. Tablescapes usually are a conversation starter or focal point. Sometimes, We get so caught up with the cooking, that we forget the set up of the meal. The decor adds to the appeal, much like plating is important to food service. It’s a tough total dining experience.

The theme of this tablescape is Christmas.
I was going for rustic outdoor Christmas.

Anyone can access all the pieces I used, within the home. We all have these pieces, but struggle to put them to good use.
I will list most of the items used and possibly list their sources below.

Table: Shipping palette from Apapa dockyard. I white washed it and left it to dry.

Chair: Two three stacked up and painted white with cellulose paint. Cushion on the seat is an outdoor pillow.

Table Runner: Jute fabric cut into strips and placed on the table.

Place mat: my kids’ paper coloring table may turned upside down.

Cutlery: from my own collection. Bought when I got married

Copper tankard: bought from a summer holiday sale 2 years ago.

Copper water jug: bought from Orca in Ghana. Similar items can be bought in Iponri.

Cheese board (and serveware) used as center piece platter: bought on a trip to South Africa. Used it for many things but cheese.

Vase: an old candle. Emptied and Washed out. Filled with Christmas decor pieces from the hamper.

Pudding and preserves: The hamper was sent to me by @adelasflowers.

I love seeing things put to good use, so I play around with things I find in my store. I bet you have a bunch of lovely things hidden away. All you have to do is find them and let your imagination run wild.

Tips: anything can be used to recreate this look.
Colors: red, green, brown, gold.
Alternatives: white, silver, gold.

Decor pieces: Snow globes, pine cones, cinnamon sticks, dried flowers, dried apples, candles, twine, jute, twigs… use your imagination.

Below is my daughter’s interpretation of a Christmas tablescape. She always tries to match my creativity and she may have outdone me this time. Lol.

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