Mummy Musings….

Mummy Musings….

Okay this is going to be a long **s caption.

Not sorry in advance.. You see this motherhood thing? Sigh. Ko easy rara.

There are days where I am in the kitchen for example and I am doing something and the fork or knife or spoon falls and I just start to cry.  As much as we all like to come here (intsgram) and act real, trust me it’s not ALL the real we reveal. There are days where I actually want to fling my kids or throw their dad as I am flinging them, and then strangle my staff. No judgement. All of them; at home, Workshop, the shop and then those LUNATICS on the road.  I actually pray the serenity prayer when I am driving sometimes.

My social life? Lmfao I don’t even have one anymore!! It’s hard!! I keep saying this, ‘ITS THE GRACE OF GOD’ some people would say ehn ehn many have done it in the past (ori e shi cover) they told you it’s easy abi? My point here is being a woman is a lot of work!! You have a lot of responsibilities; your husband, kids, staff, work and yourself!! U have to remember to look good, u have to remember to make sure your home is in order, you have to make sure your kids are well cared for, at 4:30/5 you are already thinking of what to make for dinner (cos men, they can never know what they want to eat for dinner until u serve them the dinner and they remember oh shit I actually wanted to eat…… )

Okay u know what let’s start from the morning. You are up at 6am making sure everything is as it should be for the kids to eat, get them ready for school (on days where the almighty touches you, you make breakfast for your husband) drop the kids off at school go and WORK YOUR ASS OFF. You pick the kids up from school, come back home, spend time with them, they nap and you don’t….. before you know it, it’s time to sort dinner out (resume being a wife) when you’re done you switch to the mother role again. The list goes on…. basically u actually have to plan the days where you have time for yourself. Trust me it’s not the same with men i don’t care what anyone thinks, it’s totally different. But guess what?… we do this and we’re still Sane. We are the real superheroes. And I would never trade this role for anything in the world.

Image and story Sent in by Mrs Omish of @rooospieces

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