Morning Motivation

Morning Motivation

Morning Motivation.

I don’t know who needs this right now, but I know I do.
At every turn, I find myself overthinking and second guessing myself. I always do the most. What would people say? Would they approve? Does this go inline with this person’s creed (not even mine?). Am I fitting into the cookie cutter image of a Christian Mum and businesswoman? There’s just always something.

The Truth is, you can’t berate yourself into a better version of yourself!!! Even though I know this, I sometimes still fall victim to my own negative thinking. sometimes when I make a mistake, or fall short of my own expectations, instead of treating it as a learning opportunity, I beat myself up about it. I’m sure we all can relate. We’ve all been there. We all have bad days and moments of self-doubt.

Sometimes the pressure coming from peers, family, work, and society in general is enough to make us feel completely broken inside. If we don’t have the “right” job, relationship, lifestyle, and so forth, by a certain age or timeframe, we assume we’re just “not good enough.”

So what can we do about it?
Here are some things I’ve found over time that are useful; 7 good reminders when you’re feeling “not good enough”

1. Where you are right now is a necessary step.
2. Every day brings a choice: to practice stress or to practice peace.
3. You are always good enough to try, and that’s what’s important in the end.
4. Failures are really just lessons that need to be learned.
5. You don’t need to get everyone’s approval first.
6. You are stronger than whatever is troubling you
7. Nobody is doing better than you because nobody can do better than you.

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