How to host a party- Your way!

How to host a party- Your way!


I am absolutely passionate about celebrating my children’s big days, my husband’s birthday, Independence Day e.t.c. I love hosting them at home and giving them fun themes that excites the children and my guests!

We’ve hosted Loads of parties over the years and I’d love to share my party ideas here with you!

I’m not talking about those massive, there’s no budget type parties (cos regardless of how much I’m given, there’s always a budget, with me.) that look like they’ve been put together by a professional event planner with a generous budget, or by a Mom who worked for three weeks straight baking loads of different kinds of dessert and creating professional decorations and party favors by hand.

Nahhhh, Instead I use easy-to-pull-together indoor and outdoor party games for kids and adults that you can do in your backyard or even your living room.. Here at mine, we make delicious homemade (yet simple!) cupcakes and snacks rather than forking over a big pile of cash for a caterer and an elaborate cake from the celeb baker. I hand out party favors that guests will actually treasure rather than cheap plastic trinkets. And I do all of this- for a lot less than you’d think!

I love a teacup or tea party theme; plant flowers in teacups for the centerpieces. Vintage is also popular right now—lace, roses, and mercury glass, black and white stripes with bright colorful florals.

My party themes depend on what we are celebrating, but fun ideas are a barbecue, Diy, garden party, nautical, or beach theme.

For my son’s 5th, he had a ‘rockstar’ themed party. He was heavily into singing as he’d just discovered his talent and love for Jidenna’s classic man…. and boy did we hear it.
I scored a bunch of old thyres and shipping crates and used them as outdoor tables and chairs. I spent all night painting them white and all day making sure the home made cushions would work. And they did….Wonderfully if I might add.
It came together so well, thanks to the help of a few wonderful ladies. I even got a stage, a cheapo(but effective) karaoke machine and Dj.
I gave away inexpensive sunglasses that I purchased online over the summer and the kids had a swell time.

House parties calls for healthier food, or at least home made, finger foods. Of course, no Nigerian party is complete without the much desired Party Jollof. I like a variety of buffets:
An appetizer buffet, aka small chops aka hors douvres and with a spot roast goat. An Entre buffet, consisting of Jollof and various types of rice dishes, accompanying sauce and seasoned meats, chicken and whatever your palate desires.
A grill selection, this would consist of burgers, fries, grilled seafood, chicken and ribs. Usually easy to eat with your hands and less fussy.
A desert corner, the almighty birthday cake, cupcakes, brownies, cookies and ice cream.

When people ask what I need help with, I always suggest they assist in bringing some edible fare. This way, you have variety, and might find a new caterer or cake maker. Most importantly, you get some yummy extra food. That always goes a long way, as we’re never ready for the size of the party. So… extra food never hurts.

A Potluck (this is when you have a party and everyone brings a dish of their choice, usually practiced in smaller circles and amongst friends) always helps in terms of cooking and variety. Just Take note of what people are bringing so there aren’t repeat dishes.

Entertainment, Activities and Favors;
Put a decorated poster on an easel and let all of the children sign in. Then later, put it in a frame and display it.
Plan indoor or outdoor games you know the kids will love along with them. I love to do a little DIY or repurposing during the parties and I know kids love to join in. I always make it a point to involve them in the gifting process.
For my twins’ 5th birthday, we gave away a goldfish and a plant, courtesy of their horticulturist aunt @araliabynature. This gift taught them about responsibility and I thought it was practical. I still have one plant alive 5 Years later. Sadly, the goldfish was reincarnated 4 times before we gave up and stopped buying new ones lol.
This year, for their 9th, we gave away ‘Self care packs’, the idea cameup after I asked my twins, (a boy and a girl) what they wanted to do for a play date. She wanted a spa party and he wanted a building things party. Lol
We agreed that a self care party would be perfect. So I set about getting the items. This was fun for me.
We got them headbands, face towels, a toothbrush and toothpaste, koin koin (local sponge), and they made, honey, oatmeal and sugar face masks. The kids had fun learning about hygiene and taking care of their skin. Well the girls did…. most of the boys thought it wasn’t important. Haha.

Having a party doesn’t have to break the bank or follow a specific set of rules. All you need is a healthy imagination and bucket loads of enthusiasm.

Have fun planning and don’t forget…. your party, your rules. Xo

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