Getting your child ready for sports days!

Getting your child ready for sports days!

So….. My children had their sports day last Friday, and boy was it adrenaline packed.
Sports day in my household is quite the day. We looove our sports. My children are super athletic and enjoy getting involved in all forms of adrenaline packed activities. They love being outside and benefit from the different sports.
I generally encourage my children to try their best and not focus on the winning part, but you should see our excitement when we win. I know They say Positions don’t matter, but I’m sorry, winning is always fun!!!
In total, We walked away with 5 gold medals and a silver medal. One of them got the sportstar 2018 for the second year in a row.

My children train and compete In different sports altogether.

•My Older Son aka Twin A: Football, Athletics, swimming and acrobatics and jumping (I’m gonna make it a thing. Have you seen that boy jump?)
•My daughter aka Twin B: Athletics. Swimming, Gymnastics, shading, tutting and eye rolling. (Wait til you meet her)
•My youngest son aka singleton: Football (Ronaldoing, to be specific), football knowledge, athletics, and summersaulting.
We love competing and take our training very seriously round these parts.

Here are some pointers to get your children ready for competitive sports and sports days.

School sports days aka inter house sports generally involve a mixture of sports events organized for children and parents. Some of the events include 100m sprints, relay races, tunnel ball, hurdles, long jump, high jump, tug of war, javelin, football, swimming etc.. 
By trying a variety of sports, children get the opportunity to see if they are gifted in any particular area that they may not have known about or enjoyed before.

 Sports days have some fun and skill development aspects attached to them. 
Here is a list of some of the necessary things needed for the day…
1. Sleep

A good night’s sleep the night before is a very important one. If they’re feeling well rested they cope better with the long day.

2 .Breakfast

A nutritious and filling breakfast will help your children get off to a good start and then regular food & drink stops throughout the day will help them to have the energy they need. It is a good idea to pack in a few more snacks & drinks than normal to cope with the long day of activities.

 Plus the extra comes in handy when their friends come with them.

3. Sunscreen

Sports day is generally an all day long event which can be extremely tiring for the child. The day is also spent outdoors for the most part so it is important to make sure your child wears sunscreen. The sunscreen should also be applied as frequently as possible.

4. Hats and sunglasses.

Make sure your child and yourself have hats and sunglasses on during this time.

5. Drinks

keeping them hydrated is a big necessity.
You need to pack in a couple of extra water bottles for the day. Water is not always readily accessible on the school sPorts day. We carry a cooler of chilled drinks for this purpose.

6. Training

Some training beforehand is not over the top. Although it may not be of great athletic gain, it does teach children the discipline of being prepared for an event. I’m talking a couple of laps around the house or a few 100m sprints not 4am training sessions!

 Should you pressure your children to win?

 Be careful and make sure the only pressure you should put on our child is positive pressure. I always tell my kids that they must have a go, try their very best and show good sportsmanship.

In terms of your kids winning or losing, You honestly shouldn’t care. You should just be excited to be there seeing them participate and I guess You should want them to know that You are there cheering them on to do their best…..
Personally, I love cheering on the children that keep going on til the end. Warms my heart that they didn’t give up. Bless their little hearts when they do it with a smile. Sigh. 

Be sure to let your children know that you are proud of them for doing their very best, regardless of the outcome! Always encourage the other children that you know as well.. 

Be a good role model for your child by being positive and having fun. Your child will see sports day as a positive, fun and relaxed days.

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