Funky Omelette

Funky Omelette

Funky Omelette
*You will need;

5 Whole Eggs.
Half a chopped Onion.
2 Diced tomatoes. Some mushrooms, Green, Red and Yellow bell peppers.
A pinch of Cameroon pepper.
Fresh or evaporated Milk.
A mixing bowl and whisk

Crack eggs into mixing bowl
whisk eggs for a few seconds
pour in all other ingredients including salt and any seasoning as desired.
put frying pan on the fire with a dash of butter
Pour in a dash of milk. Mix well.  while pan is simmering, pour egg mixture into the pan. Leave for a few minutes and Turn, do the same on the other side.

Once both sides are cooked, serve in a heat proof dish. Garnish with sliced tomatoes or mushrooms and serve with toast.

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