Domestic Violence- what next?!

Domestic Violence- what next?!

Dear Fran;

I am a mother of 1, I got married when i was 23 and my husband was 27. I’m now30 and he’s 34.
We both work 8-5, I work in a financial institution and my work is very demanding especially during this festive period.
We both care for our daughter so much and we take turns to be there for her.
Most times when I get home late, my husband does the cooking while I still do the grocery shopping. I never take this for granted and I appreciate him.

The holidays and the festivity has made my work so demanding that I now constantly get home late , most times my daughter would have gone to bed.
I spoke to my husband about this and he seemed okay with it until the day he questioned what I was wearing to work. This is a dress I’ve had for months and worn with no comments from him.
We got into an argument and he started calling me names and all sorts in my daughter’s presence. I got angry and I slapped him out of annoyance. He in turn beat me blue black that I landed in the hospital. This has however affected our 6 year old daughter who now fights in school at the slightest provocation. I have since moved out of the house.

My parents have said I’m wrong, my in laws said I should return home or return my bride price. He has refused to say anything and I hear he may have a new “friend”. Pls what did I do wrong?

I know I shouldn’t have hit him, but Was he right to beat me so badly?
Am I right for leaving the home? Bear in Mind he threatened that he still plans to beat me for disrespecting him. I’m torn. Please help!!!!!

This story was sent in by a reader. She would like your honest, candid opinion of the situation. Your comments would be greatly appreciated.

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