D.I.Y guest bathroom makeover

D.I.Y guest bathroom makeover

My guest bathroom is the only place I hadn’t had the time to update since the house fire in 2015. With time, the sink are had just gotten more worn down and looked sorry and neglected. Lol.

As I stepped into November (my month of me), I decided to change everything about myself and the way do things, including my procrastination and bits and bobs in my home.

I got to work on this bathroom and boy, was it work.
I called my trusty carpenter, ran to the local ceramics market in Orile and got to work.
Let’s just say the running around but was the hardest. The cost was super low and the gift to myself was priceless.

All items sourced Locally.
Sink: N15,000 (I went to the shop and asked for end of line items, I love a good bargain)
Tap: N8,000
Cabinet: N25,000

All accumulated over time, but sourced Locally.
Rose gold towel holder and towel bin are office baskets I’ve repurposed here.
Installation only took 2 hours.
Decoration only took 20 mins.
The Satisfaction will last as long as I live here.

Stay tuned, as I will be sharing more tips from my home diy projects and ideas that come to mind. Thanks.

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