The Coffee table – The big mystery solved!!

The Coffee table – The big mystery solved!!

The Glorious coffee table. The focal point of every room. Here, I’ve used redecorating my coffee table to Explain the rules when it comes to decorating your coffee table.

I’ve learnt that there are at least 7 main points that need to be taken into account when pulling together items for your coffee table. These are;

1. A good stack of coffee table books or magazines.

2. A decorative tray. (Usually one with contrasting shapes or elements, ie, square trays on a round table, Glass/Perspex on a solid wood block.

3. Flowers/plants. They breathe life into your space, the green/colors add a refreshing burst of life.

4. Something quirky. This can be an oddly shaped ornament, a whimsical item or anything you consider a talking point or conversation starter.

5. Something personal. Your choice.

6. Something Tall. Height is always a good thing. Gives the eyes something good to look at.

7. A candle. Scent, ambience, warmth, need I say more?

Experince has taught me that, playing around with these rules, brings the entire look together. You can add more, shuffle items around, arrange or place them haphazardly. Whatever you choose to do, remember, Less is more. It’s a coffee table, don’t overdo it, as you’ll still need space to rest your Moscow mule.


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