The bedroom- my Favourite room

The bedroom- my Favourite room

What’s your favourite room in your home?

Mine is my bedroom. The master bedroom. The Main room. Daddy’s room. Call it what you like. It’s my bedroom.
This is the hub of my home. This is My sanctuary. This is Where everyone comes to seek solace and comfort. You have a booboo? You come to Mummy’s room. There’s a matter that needs settling? You come to daddy in the bedroom. You’re afraid of a sound in your room, come to the master bedroom. Family Movie night? Nope, not the family room. You guessed it… The master bedroom.

Let me paint a picture.
My bed is a 6’x 6” king bed with crisp white sheets and a really plush mattress topper. My sheets are always white, because white depicts purity, gives a hotel feel and tells you when it needs to be washed. Lol. I have about 9 pilllows on my bed.
•2 standards pillows
•2 Oxford pillows
•2 fur pillows
•2 decorative throw pillows
•1 big fur pillow.

I have a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, a super king size duvet (to cover all 5 of us when we have a family sleepover) and a faux fur blanket at the foot of my bed.
The number of pillows is usually the bane of my husband’s existence as he complains there are usually too many and very little space for him.

My bed is the focal point of my room. It’s my idea of comfort. It’s where I lay to cry after a bad day, where I kneel to pray and praise God and where I lay my head to sleep and get some rest.
Sometimes my bed is my office. It’s my hospital bed when I’m ill. It’s my hideaway. My getaway. My solace.
I hate going to hotels when I have created something much better at home. Something that’s mine. Something beautiful and sacred.
This is the same bed I have cuddled my babies with high temperature. Where I’ve had to suck their noses when they’ve had a bad cold. I can’t count the amount of pees stains on my mattress. I definitely can’t count the love that has been shared and made here. This is where arguments sometimes start and usually end, if you know what I mean.
If pillows could talk, mine would reveal my vulnerability and our deepest, darkest secrets. Oh dear. I wouldn’t want that happening.
My bedside drawer holds the secrets to my good health and great skin. Vitamins and potions galore. Diet pills and youthful elixirs. My kids know where to come when they need their daily vitamin fix. When I’m away and daddy is lost, they know where to go for their suppositories or daily defense anti mosquito creams.
My room is my last piece of sanity in my home. Everything right where I placed it. The sheets as crisp as I like it. The Air is cold and inviting, candles burning and creating an atmosphere of relaxation.
The tv is on my fave channel. The sound level is just right. Anything goes in this room. I can close my eyes and pray at anytime or get it on whenever I please. It’s my room and I do what I like.

Is your bedroom your favourite room in your house? If not, tell me why and let’s start working on getting your room where you want it to be.

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