Allow me to be vulnerable.

Allow me to be vulnerable.

Truth Tuesday

Yday my kids reminded me that It’s coming on 6 years since the passing of my older brother. Adeola Randolph.
If you knew Adeola, you’d have known about his keloids on his cheeks, they were his thing.
Well, somehow, 6 years ago, his passing brought on a stress condition called HYPERPROLACTINEMIA.
This is a condition where your prolactin levels are high, therefore causing weight fluctuation, hair loss or gain, lactation and hormonal acne. The symptoms are different in everyone.
I spent two years before my aunt, Dr Ameyo Adadevoh (rip) found me the miracle professor Olumide who diagnosed me with the condition. I was misdiagnosed with lupus, an autoimmune disease, but thank God for His intervention.
Today I’m left with keloid scars ( a raised scar after an injury has healed, which keeps growing) on my face from the aftermath of the hormonal acne.
I have two on my right cheek (pictured above). I’m grateful as I initially had 17 on the same cheek, thanks to Dr A @kleinburgmedspa Who found a solution, after years and loads of money spent traveling all over the world.

I’m writing all this to say, thank God for make up and filter, but a lot of people are suffering internally and sometimes it shows on the outside. Sometimes it doesn’t. Talk to someone. Feel free to Ask how I can help you get diagnosed or get healing from your physical and emotional scars.
The treatment is same for all scars including c section and surgery scars, wounds and bruises. Don’t suffer alone.

So, when I say, ‘I bruise easily, so be gentle when you’re hurting me’ I ain’t joking. Wounds heal, but scars are with us forever.
I wear my scars proudly (almost), because they tell a story.
* ps I never take pics on this side, check my pictures. It’s always my other side, angled, flipped over etc.
** excuse my hairline, the braids did me dirty. ☺️?

Stay blessed y’all.

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