Social skills are some of the most important sets of skills that children need to learn as they get older. But many of us parents are unsure why and how to teach their child these necessary social skills.

Having good behavior and making friends are just two social skills that are detrimental to raising a well-rounded child, so I want to share these four ways that  can help improve upon their existing social skills or initiate social skills in your child;


  1. Begin the learning process at a young age as possible. Create play dates with your friend’s children or take your child to participate in play groups. This early interaction will not only help them to make friends, but it will also help them to learn how to act and how not to act in public.
  2. Instill self-confidence in your child. Let them see what they are capable of learning and doing and they will accept responsibility openly. Ask for their help with your daily tasks like cooking and cleaning, and they will be more apt to offer their help, not only to you but to others in need of assistance.
  3. Let kids be kids and learn through experience. Like the old adage says about “fighting their own battles” this also holds true with learning new social skills. Let them experience success and failure, so they can see both ends of the spectrum and can learn to deal with both accordingly.
  4. Follow Their Interest. I include friends in my son’s hobbies. My son has had a lifelong interest in art museums, so we often bring along a friend. Another fascination is carnivorous plants, so I brought a group of his peers to the botanical garden to see the venus fly traps and pitcher plants.


While these are just four  tips to help improve your child’s social skills, communication is crucial to further helping your child’s social skills over the years. Make sure to keep open lines of communication with your child and you will see the positive results in no time.

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