#7: Smacking is really…..

#7: Smacking is really…..

NOT the answer

Throughout my 8  years of parenting and few years of working with children I have come to realize that smacking is really not the solution. I have found absolutely loads of alternative ways to discipline children, as we all know they need firm, fair and consistent boundaries around them. Children actually feel safer when they know the rules and know the consequences. I sit down and actually write down what is / what isn’t acceptable to my and chat about it together, this has worked for me and will continue to work for me.

Research has shown that smacking/spanking has a negative relationship with cognitive development. Hitting kids can make them dumb … that’s bad for learning! And smacking our kids affects the security of their attachment relationship with us as parents. Spanking affects their relationships and behaviors with peers as well (increased risk of bullying). In addition to these,smacking only stop the behavior in the short term and It promotes the use of violence to solve problems.

Children are either motivated towards something or away from something – so towards stickers, extra playtime, another story at bedtime or away from something like no ipad time, not going to a friend’s to play or being dropped 5 minutes late to football practice. Of course all of this is age appropriate.

But once you have some firm, fair and consistent rules, let your kids in on them and let them know your consequences, from here your family life settles down and things get easier, as everyone knows where they are .


You really don’t have to hit your child to discipline them.

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