#3: A Curious Conversation

#3: A Curious Conversation


A couple days ago…….I overheard My neighbor and her son having a conversation: Here’s what transpired…….

Timi: Mummy, why do you have grey hair on your head? I’ve never seen them before and theres a lot of them.

Mum: The hairs on my head are a direct reflection of every bad decision you have made, despite my telling you not to. You see, Mums know best and its our job to try and shield you from bad choices. So, for every bad decision you make, a new grey hair pops up.

Timi: wow Mum, thats amazing. Mummy, How many children does Grandma have?

Mum: Grandma has one child. I’m her only child.

Timi: Wow! Grandma has a head full of Grey hair. Does that mean you made a lot of bad decisions?

Mum: *shocked* Ok, let me answer your question properly.

In this scenario, Mum has turned what was an innocent, curious question into a cheeky situation. A simple answer of….Grey Hairs come due to stress or a genetic condition which brings on early onset Greying would have sufficed.

You see we often forget that kids mimic what they see or hear. They respond in almost the same vein with which we do. Mum could have taken the time to educate her child, but rather gave him a dismissive, cheeky answer.

I guess they both learnt something new.

Curiosity in kids is at its peak between ages 4 and 8. In saying this, the first 5 years are particularly  important , as this is when 90% of brain growth occurs. Taking this into account, Its extremely important to feed them the right nutrients in order for them to grow up smart and be in good health.







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