#2 Love & Marriage

#2 Love & Marriage

I’ve been with my partner for 17 years and married almost 9 years and As with all relationships, my marriage has had it’s fair share of ups and downs. I’m quite emotional and tend to use sex as a weapon. I know this ain’t right, but sometimes withholding leads to a stronger bond. ?
In saying all this, I’m very aware that men are sexual beings and I make it my business to know his trigger points. I pride myself on my knowledge of positions, lotions and potions to get the mood going.
I also come from a very free family that is big on sharing so, whenever I hit a roadblock, I have family members I call to teach me a thing or two. Yeah, you heard me. There is love in sharing.

My husband:

My hubby is very visual and touchy feely. A lot of us here are scholars, we would study books, but not study our homes and partners. I don’t get it.
If I offend my husband, I know all I have to do is go to the spa( a gift to us both), do a hammam, scrub my impurities away, physically and spiritually, mani/ pedi and a facial, and strategically be mid outfit change when he comes to the room. End of story. *wink.

A lot of us don’t use what God gave us. Yes, your body has changed since giving birth. But I tell u, at any given time, my hubby will roll over and grab my pooch to cuddle me. He will rub my thigh, to say he’s in the mood. He will rub his feet against mine when he’s cold. If you don’t love yourself at any size or stage, who will love you? Girl, get your life (Tamar voice)

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